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Originally Posted by Smilin Assassin View Post
Champ played at a great level all year.

Yes, he had a rough game vs Baltimore. But, if the organization saw this as reason to part w/him, I'd be highly shocked/disappointed.

Not gonna happen,
The problem is no pressure on the QB. Fix that and Champ is once again all pro.

Asking any CB to cover for as long as they were against fast recievers is asking for problems.

Manning killed us in the playoffs way back. Then Mikey thought he fixed the problem by getting Champ. Next year Manning just went after the other weak links. Fixed that the following year and he burned us with the slot guy going crazy on the nickle back.

What does tell anyone with half a brain you can have all pros covering guys but if the QB has all day to attack them someone is going to get open.

The issue was not being able to get to or hurry Flacko. And that is not Champs job.

Did he have a stellar game? No he did not But calls for cutting his pay or flat cutting him are premature at best.

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