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You know, a part of me actually has a hard time believing it is well and truly over. I started reading this series when I was a 15 year old kid. Now, 20 years later, the series finally wraps.

So, a couple of thoughts Spoiler Alerts engaged.....

Sanderson did have a pretty thankless job. As others have said, this just wasn't his baby. Despite his best efforts, at times sequences just come off as a fan writing a big Wheel of Time Fanfiction. His Mat in particular suffers. Sanderson is just trying so hard to make Mat cool and awesome that he kind of overdoes it a little bit and ends up turning him into a strange Han Solo/Malcolm Reynolds fanboi hybrid. Its kind of weird. At times he gets him right, then he just goes way over the top in the next scene.

Perrin was boring. I mostly scanned his parts.

My least favorite female character (by far) finally bites it in this book. Unfortunately, everyone is going to remember her as friggin' hero. Kind of sucks.

Rand's ending was......weird. I mean, there is the whole body swap thing. But, he's just knocked up two women (one with Twins apparently) and decides to ride off into the sunset with apparently no intentions to ever be a father to any of them. Just for the character. I mean, it was an ending that I could have seen happening to Mat way more than Rand. Just really odd.

Speaking of Rands ending......reminds me of a quote that Robert Jordan had made way back in the day. It was around the time that his 7th book was just released and he was doing the whole book tour. He had mentioned that he already had plans for his next series tentatively called Shipwrecked, which would involve a character more mature than Rand, without Rand's super powers, who gets shipwrecked and washed up on the shore of a very Seanchan Empire like land. I'm now almost wondering if he was actually teasing a spin-off series to the Wheel of Time. I guess we will never know.

So, in summary. If you have read at least 10 of the 13 previous books, you might as well finish the series at this point. Otherwise, I would advise stopping at Book 5, reading the wiki, and calling it a day.

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