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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Well, I mean, it's hard to put it into perspective.

After 15,000 pages and decades of time, a lot of us have flat out grown up with Rand, Mat, Perrin and everyone and really emotionally attached to the characters and the story.

Largely, the book's pretty fantastic and delivers on the closure. Parts are certainly lacking as highlighted above and the epilogue was super weak, so it left an emotionally attached audience unsatisfied in many ways.

That's my feelings on it, at least.

RIP Jordan. They never should've given your work to a Mormon
Hey! Mormon writers are awesome! Ask Tracey Hickman if he sucks!

Second, did they get a better artist to do the cover art? I know that one artist who did them for a long time and was horrid finally died. The Gathering Storm cover was especially bad. I liked what this guy said about it.

I might try to give WOT a try. After two books I became fatigued at Jordan's writing style. I'm not going to say you are better than Jordan, but your characters are more impactful in their first introduction and you don't let them lie fallow for so long I don't give a crap when I see them again.
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