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Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
You can't count his 9 wins. If you are looking at our post-Elway record in the playofss, PM is 0-1. And an overall record of 9-11. So... yeah he was right. PM is far from solid in the playoffs. The year he won the superbowl he had a really bad playoff run. The defense stepped up during that run, plus he got to play against Rex Grossman in the SB.

Point taken. Counter point: Only Manning's first season in Denver, on a new team, in a new offense, with new backs /receivers that were on their third offense in three seasons as well.The Defense went for 32nd in 2010 to 23rd in 2011. This season finished 4th in points allowed, 2nd in yards given up per game and tied for the lead is sacks. Would be shocked to see regression on either side of the ball in 2013.
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