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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
No worries. I was lazy and didn't make an effort to try to clarify after posting, so my own fault. And I typically would trust the guys at IAOFM over PFT, particularly on Bronco specific issues.

This was recently posted in the comments section at the IAOFM link:

Response from Doug:

^ Not sure whether or not he's right about this...

Of the 14.1 million adjustment number, 11.5 comes from eligible salary cap space from 2012. I am assuming the rest comes from bonuses that were not met but did count towards the 2012 salary cap. Doug is definitely incorrect about the 14.1 million being our available cap the way the list is presented by PFT.

I can't find a credible number on our current salary cap commitment to 2013, but I believe we would be pretty close to the limit. I have seen a number that says we have 18.5 million in cap space including the 11.5 million carry over, but not the 2.6 million extra that PFT lists, so that would put us at 21 million in cap space. I can't stand by these numbers as being credible. My best estimate is that before restructures and cuts and resignings and tags we are about 15-20 million under the cap and this number includes all carried over cap space.

I do think DJ Williams will be a cap casualty, I believe they will ask Champ to take a paycut - I am assuming they can settle on something in the 6 million dollar range for him. I believe Knowshon and Joe Mays will also be given long hard looks - we can save about 3.5 million by cutting Mays and 2.5 million by cutting Knowshon.

On the flip side Clady, Tony Carter and Colquitt may all be due significant raises.
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