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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
Sorry, didn't mean to snap at you, I see the confusion arises from how IAOFM interpreted the number.
No worries. I was lazy and didn't make an effort to try to clarify after posting, so my own fault. And I typically would trust the guys at IAOFM over PFT, particularly on Bronco specific issues.

This was recently posted in the comments section at the IAOFM link:

Either I'm reading this wrong - or Doug is wrong on this assumption. This $14.1 MM is not cap space - but carryover$$ from last year. Which, the way I'm reading it, is good news. If we choose to roll it over (and why wouldn't we?) we are then at about $29MM in cap space - not 14.1 or 15 MM.
Response from Doug:

Unfortunately, the $11.5M carryover is included in that $14.1M figure.

^ Not sure whether or not he's right about this...
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