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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by mwill07 View Post
The numbers posted by PFT are not projected cap space numbers for the 2013 season. Each team is allowed to carry over unused cap space from the previous season to the next season, so if you were 10 million under the cap in 2012 you can carry that cap space over and your cap number becomes the league wide cap number plus the 10 million you carry over.

This structure was put in place to avoid the creative use of ridiculous likely to be met bonuses. In the old CBA a team could designate any bonus as likely to be met, any bonus designated likely to be met would count against the salary cap in the year it would be earned. However, if the conditions for a likely to be met bonus were not met, then the team would get a salary cap bonus in the following season in the same amount as the salary cap space they lost to that bonus in the previous season when it counted against the cap but was not actually paid.

Minnesota used this structure with Pat Williams, giving him a bonus for completing more than 100 passes with a value of nearly 20 million dollars in a season when they were far below the salary cap, since Pat Williams as a DT never passed the ball a single time he couldn't actually earn the bonus, but it still allowed Minnesota to carry over 20 million from one year to the next.
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