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Originally Posted by maher_tyler View Post
I bet whoever this guy is no longer has or works on a farm based on his work hours! This describes ZERO farmers I know. I don't think you know the extent of how demanding farming really is. The cattle, sheep or any other livestock you may have to keep an eye on year round. In North Dakota the summers can get into the 100's but generally in the mid 80's. While the winter can be very brutal with temps below 0 and ever colder with the wind. You almost gotta take care of these animals like their your kids. Every summer planting crops, cutting hay etc for said livestock. God for bid its a dry summer and don't get enough hay to last the winter. Or none of your crops turn out due to lack of rain or because a hail storm came through and wiped it all out. All that would be profit down the drain. Now that farmer needs to buy extra hay from an outside source etc. If you hear a farmer complaining its probably because his machinery is broke, coyotes or mountain lions got to his livestock, no rain, hail storm came through. It'd be kinda like someone stealing from you. Sorry but you're assessment of a REAL farmer is way off.

I've spent a lot of time in small farming communities the past several years attending my daughters VB games.. and in everyone of them in most cases about the only entertainment they have are the Friday night lights football in the local schools or the sports of BB and VB..

these are some hardy folks and it shows on their faces..

FWIW my brothers hay crops were non existent last year because it failed to rain.. and although the previous years crops were really good it takes a lot of hay to feed the livestock and he was forced to buy it at premium prices..

Anyone claiming that farmers are subsidized and waste in in the beer hall I suspect is full of Male Bovine Excrement..
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