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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Sigh. With this one comment you prove that you have no understanding of the issue and have bought in to all the BS.
Ok i will admit that is a bit of rhetoric. How about I take it back and just say he isn't as pro israel as i would like. Also I hate how he was against sanctions on Iran, that is crazy to me. Whatever though its obvious you will support whoever Obama throws out. I loved his pick of Kerry he seems perfect for that job. But Lew for treasury sec? people realize he came up with sequester right? he took tarp money at citibank and paid himself a big fat salary to lose money.

I have serious questions with lew and hagel but love the Kerry for SOS.

Tell me why Lew and Hagel make such great choices taking into consideration the fact Hagel is against sanctions on Iran and Lew has his record at Citibank and with the idea of sequester.
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