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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
At some point, the kid needs to be a big boy. If he really chooses a school he doesn't like and that his family fought this hard to keep him from signing just to appease a coach who will have no influence over the rest of his life, he's got priority and maturity issues.
He's not immature. He's actually quite articulate and thoughtful, but a little bit weird. Reminds me of Ricky Williams in that sense. The kid is a MAJOR talent and IMO, will be an NFL player one day. We'll see....I still expect he will ink with Arkansas, but I'd love to have him to pair with Duke Johnson next year. Collins is elite in every sense.

BTW, I know you are upset that you lost Grace, but to be honest it was a miracle it got as close as it did. Major props to Coach Strong for coming in and making it a battle when we had long thought this kid was the biggest stone cold lock of anyone we were recruiting this year. Kid and family are diehard fans and he could recite team history like out of a book, so I'm impressed that UL got us to sweat it out (and I'm told it wasnt a ruse, UL DID give him things to think about after his visit, esp with Bridgewater and alot of his boys from the 305 on that team...IMO if he did not have a long personaly and family history of Cane support, he would have went to Louisville).

If we lost Grace to UL on top of losing Thomas to FSU it would have been a death blow, cause our best LB from last year is about to get kicked off the team very shortly so we really need some more talent.

Jermaine Grace reminds me of Sean Spence. Undersized OLB who is fast and very instinctive and great in coverage in particular. Will need to add some weight to his frame, like 15 pounds or so, but IMO, should start at WLB after Perryman leaves, which could be as early as after this season.


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