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Default Wheel of Time (A Memory of Light) - SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!

GoT has it's own discussion, this sure as hell should too!

Stop reading if you haven't finished the series yet.





Overall, totally loved the book. After the previous one (specifically the scene on dragonmount), I was worried the entire last battle would be some introspective bull**** where the real enemy was within Rand's heart.

While his fight with the Dark One was fairly introspective, it was done in a really cool way, and the entire book was the last battle so that was amazing.

I did have some gripes though:

- The entire Padan Fain segment of the ending was just kinda "let's get this over with" without any actual give a **** involved. Thought this was just extremely stupid... especially considering he's been a fairly significant role player since book 1.

- Perrin's story line with Slayer was dumb. A LARGE portion of the book is spent in that just so Perrin can have a brief moment where he realizes he's holding back and then beat the living **** out of Slayer.

- WTF Demandred? Dude's killing everyone, meanwhile Moghedien's a complete afterthought and does nothing but get collared.

- Swapping bodies with Moridin... how did it happen anyway? And, really, kinda pointless... they never sell that he's dead for a second.

I thought everything else was perfect. Moraine's return at the council choked me up, Mat's stuff was flawless, loved Rand/LewsTherin, Egwene's stories were awesome, Lan was amazing, etc.
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