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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
I'll tell you what has happened....and this is from an admittedly biased viewpoint as a Canes fan who has followed Alex's recruitment for many months now. Kid is a Canes fan and committed to us during the spring. His coach (Gatewood) asked him to decommit allegedly because he knew he would be a national recruit so he didn't want him to limit himself (so far a reasonable point of view). The he started pushing Wisconsin heavily and I think took kid up to one of their camps. He is friends with one of Bielema's assistants (partridge). After awhile he had the kid sporting Wisconsin gear all the time. He also went out of his way to talk about the sanctions issues over and over and in most interviews he would speak for Alex. Now if he just thought Wisky would be good for Alex that's fine but when BB and Pwrtridge go to Ark...boom out of thin air he is starts pimping Ark. Kid had never been to Ark until 2 weeks ago. This raises the specter of foul play and a payoff. Apparently the kid actually lived with the coach for awhile which is very strange. The Mom, uncle and girlfriend have been pro Miami all along and when the kid came for his OV he loved it....was chatting with Duke Johnson at the Miami-Duke Bball game...was firing up the crowd during the game and even rushed the court with the students after the game. He committed to the staff privately again recently and before he went to Atlanta to announce on a show he told his whole family he was staying. Coach gets in his ear before and you get Ark again. So we are very skeptical of Coach Gatewoods motives at this point. We are almost certain he is on the take. Girlfriend...who is very active on Twitter under the name Grind2Glory has called Ark coaches slimy. She is a student at the U btw for fair disclosure.

We just don't see how he is all Miami until every time the coach gets in his ear. If I truly believed Alex wanted Arkansas in his own right I'd want him to just go but I don't believe it.....kid even apologized for letting people down a couple days ago after his committ....there is just too much smoke there. I wouldn't be shocked if Gatewood magically got a spot in the Ark AD after he signs. I'm just waiting for that.

That said I think he will sign with Arkansas eventually.
At some point, the kid needs to be a big boy. If he really chooses a school he doesn't like and that his family fought this hard to keep him from signing just to appease a coach who will have no influence over the rest of his life, he's got priority and maturity issues.
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