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Originally Posted by v2micca View Post
Seriously? I absolutely loathed this commercial. Its a pretentious pile of crap that is farther up it own @$$ than a maxim model's thong. They seem to forget that they are selling jeans, not the ******* soul and plight of a generation, just jeans, cheap slabs of denim sewn together in sweatshops by people making less than minimum wage. This is the kind of commercial that future generations will dig up and say, damn, these corporations had a disproportionately inflated sense of their own importance to society. Of course a marketing professor would love this crap. Its pseudo-intellectual porn.

More on topic, this actually the reason I wasn't a huge fan of the Dodge Ram commercial using Paul Harvey's stirring tribute from the Future Farmers of America convention in 1978. Hey, what where you doing back then. Oh, that's right, you were busing lobbying congress to eventually get the Chrysler Corporation Loan Guarantee Act of 1979 passed. Yeah, seems to be a reoccurring theme with you now. Seriously, Chrysler, you sell trucks, gas guzzling trucks. but, I guess Sam Elliot was getting tired of whoring himself out as your corporate spokesman so you needed another way to reach the grizzled white-dude demographic.
We're talking about it. Therefore it was a good commercial. I don't know what you find "pseudo-intellectual" about it, but the market research suggested that it quantitatively increased brand awareness and sales. That's not "pseudo-intellectualism" ... it's science. And the commercial went above and beyond it's intended use. Therefore it was a good commercial.

While we're talking about my marketing prof. - this is the same guy who hated "Where's the Beef" because it had nothing to do with brand awareness and other burger joints like McDonalds benefited as much from it as Wendy's.

Also... you're obviously unfamiliar with Economic Equilibration Theory. I don't care if my Levi's were made in Mexico for less than minimum wage. People wouldn't take those jobs unless there were no better options. Capital creates wealth, and wealth demands a higher quality of life... eventually prices equilibrate and jobs balance out.
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