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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
It looks to me like when Greg Sherman took over as GM things went to crap but I could be wrong. Pierre Lacroix was a great GM and now it looks like they got a young guy who doesn't have a clue. Add Joe Sacco to the mix and it just looks like the Avs are somewhat inept in either keeping young talent or trading for young talent or developing talent. Pierre Lacroix the the president of the team but it looks like he's not helping much.

Like I said, they are always trading someone but it never pans out. They seem to draft ok, but why don't the keep their talent? Why can't they find a goalie who's worth a crap? Why do the keep trading young goalies away like that Anderson kid?
no this problem started well before Sherman. they didn't know how to build a farm system in the last few years of Lacroix's reign as GM. then followed that up by hiring that moron Giguere and then let Quenville.
Sherman has brought in most of the talent that is currently on the team or in the system. Giguere was horrible as a GM and should never have gotten the job, the only reason he did was because he played for the franchise.
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