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Originally Posted by bpc View Post
Agreed on these fronts. Denver should annually make an investment in the OL/DL. The good teams do. I think we have to find another DB, and a playmaker to eventually replace Stokely, either at TE or WR. That to me is probably the biggest concern unless we can sign somebody in FA.
Once we are there player wise, like other good teams seem to do devote a high draft choice to the LOS players.

Of the nine players there if you take one in the first every other year it would only take 18 years total to totally turn the enitre group over. Since most of these players can play as many as 12-14 years unless you have a raft of injuries to younger players yoi should be able to keep the entire LOS replenished with top talent as well as build great depth.

You of course will lose some to UFA so occasionally may have to dedicate your top two choices to replenish them. Or take them two in a row.

Hopefully we will get to the point that BPA is taken every year even if it is not a position of need.

I'd rather have three top flight OGs than one and maybe.
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