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With or without DHS, your position falls on it's face.

a.) Even without DHS, we're talking $2.6T spent (not 1.4) in the last decade

and like I said

b.) a large part of the current deficit is spending (direct and indirect) on those wars.
First, the $2.6 figure cited clearly INCLUDES DHS spending. And interest. Not sure what you're smoking on that. It also has some other pretty weakly defined categories. In fact when you dig into the specifics of their work, you see a lot of references to Congressional Research Service studies for many of their numbers. So I wondered if the Congressional Research Service agreed with these supposed findings?

The Cost of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Other Global War on Terror Operations Since 9/11

With enactment of the sixth FY2011 Continuing Resolution through March 18, 2011, (H.J.Res. 48/P.L. 112-6) Congress has approved a total of $1.283 trillion for military operations, base security, reconstruction, foreign aid, embassy costs, and veterans’ health care for the three operations initiated since the 9/11 attacks: Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) Afghanistan and other counter terror operations; Operation Noble Eagle (ONE), providing enhanced security at military bases; and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). This estimate assumes that the current CR level continues through the rest of the year and that agencies allocate reductions proportionately.

Of this $1.283 trillion total, CRS estimates that Iraq will receive about $806 billion (63%), OEF $444 billion (35%) and enhanced base security about $29 billion (2%), with about $5 billion that CRS cannot allocate (1/2%). About 94% of the funds are for DOD, 5% for foreign aid programs and diplomatic operations, and 1% for medical care for veterans.
Funny, I thought you said that lower amount didn't include any of these things.

(for the record, I don't give a flying **** about tone, I care about content)
Heh. On my side, we have the Congressional Budget Office and Congressional Research Service. On yours, you have some hack partisan website that counts TSA baggage handlers and FEMA employees as forces in the war on terror.

Doesn't look to me like you care about either one.

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