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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
We've already been over this. Do you know why/how our "economy shrank"? And are you aware that the looming cuts are going to make it "shrink" even more? On the one hand you complain about government spending and bash Obama/Dems/liberals for it, and then on the other you complain when there are cuts and it "shrinks" GDP. You need to pick a side. Do you want cuts, or not want cuts? Or do you just want to complain and bash Obama?
We have the lowest participation rate of the labor force in the last 30 yrs but Obama will still sick the EPA on energy producers. We are all paying for the liberal agenda right now. Houshold debt climbing under Obama, workforce shrinking, spending growing and now its so bad he will have to cut defense making us less safe. He's a friggin disaster.
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