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Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
The gun dealer is a private businessman, how do you justify making him do a background check for a fee of $5.00? Would you allow the government to walk into your work place and tell you what you are gong to do and how much you will charge?

Does the seller have to do a background check also or just the buyer. The seller could be a criminal selling a firearm to a law abiding citizen, is that ok?
Make it a requirement that if you want the privilege to be able to conduct your own background checks, you have to be willing to do them at a reasonable cost. Allowing there to be a call center where you can just call in and get them done for free would be sufficient as well but then you'd have the issue of false IDs if people don't have a means to check. Another option would be to make the police station do them. Either way, not enough firearms are trading hands everyday to make it a monsterous burden. If that's really what holds it up, someone's just crying.

And the seller is either allowed to have a firearm or he isn't. If he isn't, it's up to him to decide if he wants to assume the risk of selling a firearm without the check or to go get the check and risk getting in trouble. I guess I don't really understand the issue here. If I were selling, I'd definitely want to get my name recorded as having checked the buyer's information on that particular day so as to ensure it was a legal transaction when it occurred and no repercussions could later come of it.

Again, not sure I really understand your issue on this one. If you're buying from a criminal, it'd also not hurt to have both people's name registered for the day the checks occurred so if the gun ever got traced back to trouble, you could point a finger at someone and establish the time frame in which you possessed it. Again, the gun info wouldn't be recorded anywhere but it's provide a means for everyone to keep themselves covered and it'd introduce a protection against someone escaping the looneybin and gathering an arsenal.
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