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Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
All they really need to do is say if someone sells a gun to someone who was not legally allowed to own a gun, they're susceptible to punishment. Make any gun dealer required to do background checks on the individual for a very low cost ($5 or something) - the gun involved should not even be a consideration. There'd be no gun records but everyone could ensure crazies or felons aren't buying a gun within the law.

That fits the requirements, right?
The gun dealer is a private businessman, how do you justify making him do a background check for a fee of $5.00? Would you allow the government to walk into your work place and tell you what you are gong to do and how much you will charge?

Does the seller have to do a background check also or just the buyer. The seller could be a criminal selling a firearm to a law abiding citizen, is that ok?
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