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Originally Posted by orinjkrush View Post
PTSD is going to go epidemic in its effects over the next 20 years. we have screwed a whole generation of veterans, breaking them with multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan for no g*dd*mn good reason. just pathetic. and the p***Y politicians will make THEM out to be domestic terrorists in the end.
The problem goes much deeper than that, I believe. I think many of those (not all) with PTSD had problems in the first place. Just imagine the kind of people who would sign up for the infantry when wars like Iraq and Afghanistan are being fought. It's really a chicken and egg situation. Then you take the stresses of a military life and you put it on someone who might not've been the most stable to begin with and you have a burden they may not be able to handle.

The problem is with Americans as a whole. PTSD and the effects of the wars are the convenient scapegoat.

My opinion, of course.
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