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Originally Posted by loborugger View Post
The Chuggers blew their chance to win a SB in the last decade. They coulda carried the torch for the Div but instead blew it.

Back on target of the OP.

Andy Reid is a good coach. His biggest weakness as it relates to KC that I see is that he is an almost phobia like thing with running the ball. Dude just will not run. Meanwhile, look at KC. They have Charles and a pretty solid running O Line. Meanwhile they got garbage in the passing game. Either they need to seriously upgrade their passing attack this off season or Reid needs to adjust his game plan. I assume that KC management considered this before hiring him? Either way, the Broncos could see a drastically different KC offense line next season.
Yeah, Reid is a very strange fit in KC right now based on their offensive personnel. It will be interesting to see how much he is willing to change. So far he doesn't want to give up calling plays.

While he may just need a change of scenery to get going again, I'm so glad the Chargers didn't try to go after him.
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