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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
What's the deal with Sacco and the Avs, what's the overall feeling from some of you who watch the Avs a lot more than me? Is the team just cheap? Is Sacco a good coach or is he more the problem? Who is the GM, who is bringing these guys in and why is the GM not retaining talent?

Everytime I watch the Avs they are losing. I don't know any of the players because there seems to be a lot of roster turnover. The Avs are always trading with other teams but it never seems to make the team better.

I think Sacco should be fired IMHO.
for some reason the Avs organization seems to love him.
the team is just piss poor on offense, the dump and chase hockey is done way too much. they're like a soccer team that can't run set pieces nor organize a consistent offensive cohesion.

he's been coaching this team for far too long for them to consistently look like a confused team. the only time they look creative on offense is when Duchene and Stastny are flying around and charging the net.
everyy other time they dump the puck in and try to swing it around instead of setting up some nice plays to get pressure.

he needs to go and if the Kroenke's don't want to poor more money into the team and be more aggressive in building then they need to go too.

the Avs fell so in love with signing big time FA's that they don't know how to truly build a franchise and they keep missing in the draft due to injuries(Hishon),lack of maturity(Siemens) or just going way too safe and focusing on one hockey league to scout and draft talent from.

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