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Originally Posted by elibroncofan View Post
I was thinking yesterday about how weak the AFC West has been for such a long time. We were the last Super Bowl winners from the AFC west in '99. Every other conference has had a team win in that span of time (NE, IND, Pit, Balt, etc) and we haven't had anyone represent the west in the Super Bowl since the raiders in 02. It's a shame that the broncs were so incredibly average or bad over that span of time that they weren't able to take advantage of a decade of easy pickings.
The Chuggers blew their chance to win a SB in the last decade. They coulda carried the torch for the Div but instead blew it.

Back on target of the OP.

Andy Reid is a good coach. His biggest weakness as it relates to KC that I see is that he is an almost phobia like thing with running the ball. Dude just will not run. Meanwhile, look at KC. They have Charles and a pretty solid running O Line. Meanwhile they got garbage in the passing game. Either they need to seriously upgrade their passing attack this off season or Reid needs to adjust his game plan. I assume that KC management considered this before hiring him? Either way, the Broncos could see a drastically different KC offense line next season.
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