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Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
But remember Obama promised that "if you like your current healthcare plan, you can keep it" and if you like your current Doctor, you can keep seeing him or her.

Guess what, if you employer decides he doesn't like you current health care plan or Doctor you won't be able to keep either one.
This is exactly what Obama is hoping for.....that businesses will say "Screw it, why pay for our employee's healthcare when it's less expensive to pay the penalty"

this will drive those employees previously covered by their employer to go on the government dole.....forcing a single payer system.

Once that happens the government can then control your life because practically everything you do is health related......your job, your lifestyle, your recreational activities, your diet, etc.

The big problem is that your healthcare will be part of the national budget, which means it can be cut, reduced on a whim. For all you liberals who voted for this kind of ****...keep in mind the day will come when the Dems aren't in power...and then the Republicans will be in charge of your healthcare. Then what the **** are you gonna do?

Like they say, careful what you wish for....
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