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I'm consistently amazed by this place. Every single time I think we've reached rock bottom, people just keep lowering the bar even further. I swear to god I'm stuck in some sort of message board reality show were the object is to be just as absolutely pathetically, and unapologetically stupid as humanly possible.

It was 38-35 in double freaking overtime. To a team that just won the freaking superbowl.

Lets just go down the list:

We need to replace..Peyton Manning? Are you ****ing serious? Have you watched the last decade of football? He threw three damn touchdown passes. He may not have had his best game, but he didn't have a bad one by any stretch. Jesus comes down and lets you replace Manning.. who do you replace him with exactly? Brady struggled even worse against the same defense. Rodgers maybe? There aren't many guys who throw three touchdown passes in a game and get called out as a problem.

Hell the pick-6 was clear pass interference. Blame the right people here.

Oh and Bailey is the real culprit. He had his worst game as a Denver Bronco. That's true. Although he bounced back and played extremely well in the second half and overtime. That gets overlooked around here.

The simple fact is this team had the god-damn superbowl champions beat. Rahim Moore pulls his head out of his ass and makes a high school play on the ball and the Ravens make an early exit.

So I guess that's the bar now. You have to absolutely beat the tar out of teams that win superbowls or else your team is full of bums.

We've also pulled the "real fans" know card AND the "if you know anything about football" card out nearly back to back. That's always a clear sign that something majestically obtuse is about to singe my corneas is on it's way.

Whatever. Team had a great season and a bad game that they should have won if one player doesn't make the most colossal mistake in franchise history.
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