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Originally Posted by MariusPontmercy View Post
It's about product awareness and branding, too. You may not think it, but what you buy says a little bit about who you are. Cool people buy cool products... practical people buy practical products.

It's called branding.

I used to buy a lot of my clothes at Macy's or Neiman Marcus, for example, and avoided places like Sears precisely because of branding.... but I honestly went to Sears and bought a pair of Levi's after I saw this commercial, which I thought was incredibly well-done:

I honestly bought a pair of Levi's because of this commercial. One of my marketing profs at DU played this commercial in class to explain the idea of how branding can effect consumers... he basically said this was one of the best commercials he'd ever seen, and I agree with him.
I hate ads but love that campaign. Kerry ***unaga did it (Tisch grad who did the Jane Eyre flick).

I was actually in on a focus group one day last summer for one of the products that showed up at the SB (don't think I can say which) so it was neat to see the product we picked get used.
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