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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
What's the deal with Sacco and the Avs, what's the overall feeling from some of you who watch the Avs a lot more than me? Is the team just cheap? Is Sacco a good coach or is he more the problem? Who is the GM, who is bringing these guys in and why is the GM not retaining talent?

Everytime I watch the Avs they are losing. I don't know any of the players because there seems to be a lot of roster turnover. The Avs are always trading with other teams but it never seems to make the team better.

I think Sacco should be fired IMHO.
I see a team that works hard for the most part, but they lack talent. Too many grinders and not enough skill.

They had a shot at Kovalchuk but didn't want to pay up. Although, not sure he would be doing as well he is doing in NJ. Devils are a more structured organization and you must conform.

Avalanche are not quite there yet in terms of rebuilt culture/organization structure.
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