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TJ Ward

I went back and watched the game. It's truly amazing how many retarded plays Denver made throughout the course of that game, along w/ the officials just blowing it. Obviously, Rahim Moore's **** up looks even worse in hindsight. Matt Prater's screwup on the FG kick was really bad as well. Peyton Manning is not absent of responsibility either. That Stokely pass was WIDE open that got picked in OT, and he short armed it to the only place the CB could have caught it.

The crazy thing to think about is HOW MUCH BETTER DENVER was than Baltimore, the eventual super bowl champions. We smoked them at home and if not for a bunch of bull****, we would have smoked them in the playoffs too. Look at the 1st two TD's for Baltimore, they get bailed out on 3rd and 8 at their 8 on their 2nd drive of the game by a STUPID PI call on Tony Carter. They threw an incompletion, would have had to punt there, with Holiday, we probably get that kick at worst around the 50. That's a 10-14 pt swing. Look at the NO CALL on the PI on Decker where he got hit in the back before the ball got there, bounces up and Baltimore catches it for a pick 6, possibly another 10-14 pt swing there.

Just really unbelievable. We should have trounced these guys and if the refs hadn't been the great equalizer, it would not have even been a game. Add in the pressure Denver had to perform in bad weather, officials calling it sideways, two startings HB's out of the game w/ injury and a bunch of bogus PI calls, non calls, holding calls, non-holding calls (look at the 2nd Torrey Smith TD catch before halftime, where Von Miller gets headlocked by the RT, BULL**** NO CALL), we should have beaten Baltimore. Just really a mother****er all the way around looking back on it.
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