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New version of the same old shell game. Democrats kept running funding through the last few Bush months by continuing resolution. No FY2009 budget was passed and signed until the beginning of Obama's term (March of 2009). Congressional Democrats knew they couldn't get their wish list signed off on by Bush, so they didn't pass it until he was gone.

Ironic that they go straight from hiding their budget from Bush to blaming it on him. But that's exactly what's happening here.

Plus, all that TARP and Stimulus action was supposed to be a quick crisis-response infusion of cash into the economy. But Democrats, as many warned would happen, made it the new floor and kept growing spending from there. And for any of you arguing Obama wouldn't have done any of that. Good luck. He voted for it.

The fy2008 budget (the last one Bush had any say in) was $2.98 trillion. The fy2009 budget was $3.5 trillion, signed late by President Obama. Then a month later Obama rolled out his fy2010 budget request at $3.55T, which in reality became $3.7T.

And they've yet to pass a budget since. But having a 20% increase handed to you in your first few months in office makes that a little easier cushion to work with.

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