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Originally Posted by razorwire77 View Post
That's just it. His body of work is mediocre at best. He was injured/benched as a rookie. He improved in his 2nd year, but it's not like he was this dynamic playmaker either. He's a serviceable player who committed the biggest screwup in franchise history. He's our Earnest Byner, only Earnest Byner was a pro-bowler and actually an above-average player.
His body of work is incomplete, this was his first full time starting season, and showed marked improvement. Before that moment, his growth was considered a very bright aspect to Denver's future. As egregious as that error was, it doesn't change those things. He isn't suddenly no longer young and improving. He wasn't suddenly a liability all year. He is a young player who screwed up at a big moment. That doesn't have to be his legacy, he manned up about it and is taking it on the chin. I look forward to seeing how he responds. Maybe he washes out and you guys can hold all that hate in your little hearts forever and feel justified. I'm letting it go.
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