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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by gunns View Post
I only read the first page of this thread and I have to wonder why any of you respond to 30 degrees. He's obviously a MacGruder clone that has little to no football knowledge and sole purpose on this board is to put down players that any one with football knowlege would know is/are very good player(s) merely to get a rise out of many of you. Personally I find him humorous in his endeavors to spark a fire with such clueless posts.
I understand gunns, we have seen it for years on this board

There are maybe 5 or 6 people on this board who can take you through what happens on a given play and then tell you why it happened and what mistakes were actually made from watching the film. These guys are not them!

However, we have a ton of armchair QB's who want you to believe that anything but that one play was the most damaging to the team that day. Not worth replying. They are way more interested in being right than understanding what happened.
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