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WTF? Manning played Very well it's a team game. If R. Moore didn't ****ing get beat deep we be super bowl champs if Champ Bailey didn't get his old ass beat all day we be Super Bowl Champs. And I'm sick of people say Joe Flacco is a top 5 QB the a-hole just threw a bomb and prayed someone would catch it he didn't execute a drive what so ever against Denver.
Manning didn't play well, at least for Manning.

Here's a good comparison.

Peyton had a season QB rating of 107, but only posted a rating of 88 in that game.

Flacco had a season QB rating of 88, but posted a rating of 116.

Just by the numbers, in that game, Joe Flacco played like Peyton Manning, and Peyton Manning played like Joe Flacco.

That said, our team was still good enough to win with that level of QB play, and SHOULD have. But if Peyton plays even to the level of his regular-season average, we win going away.

I don't have any patience for people who blame Champ for the loss but let PFM off the hook.
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