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Originally Posted by MariusPontmercy View Post
It's about product awareness and branding, too. You may not think it, but what you buy says a little bit about who you are. Cool people buy cool products... practical people buy practical products.

It's called branding.

I used to buy a lot of my clothes at Macy's or Neiman Marcus, for example, and avoided places like Sears precisely because of branding.... but I honestly went to Sears and bought a pair of Levi's after I saw this commercial, which I thought was incredibly well-done:

I honestly bought a pair of Levi's because of this commercial. One of my marketing profs at DU played this commercial in class to explain the idea of how branding can effect consumers... he basically said this was one of the best commercials he'd ever seen, and I agree with him.

I buy stuff I like, no doubt. I like bright colors, so I've had a yellow Mustang and now a Gotta Have It Green one. I only buy Levi jeans cuz that's the brand/style I like. I buy them anywhere that sells Levi's for a good price. I've purchased from JC Penny, the Levi Outlet store and I'm sure my wife has picked up a pair or two for me somewhere else. I've bought Bronco shirts from K-Mart and at the Bronco store at the stadium, as well as Penny's.

I will say, I'll shop anywhere until they piss me off. I never shop at Walmart, and as of a couple years ago, no longer shop at Sears (after being jacked around on a new dishwasher we bought and never received. Took forever for them to figure it out and get our money back, so no more business from us).
Same with Chevy actually, and that was due to a jackwad at a dealership in 1988. Tried to buy my first new car, he said I didn't look like I could afford one. Left, got a new Ford and drove up there the next day to show him I could get one (yeah, I was 19 and married and wearing Levi's).

Any major purchase tho, I will research it (except Mustangs, I think I'll always drive one) and buy the product I feel will serve its purpose best for me.

Thx for that link Meck, I just "Liked" the page! Do you follow Juicing Vegetables? Some good info at times, a lot of him pushing his books too tho.

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