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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by 2KBack View Post
I would never allow myself to be so shortsighted as to judge a person based on one play. Body of work will always take precedence for me. Not to mention, as much as that play stands out, one play was not the reason for a loss, did that play keep us from sealing a win, yes. There was also an entire football game played, and plenty of blame to go around. It is silly to pin it one one player.
That's just it. His body of work is mediocre at best. He was injured/benched as a rookie. He improved in his 2nd year, but it's not like he was this dynamic playmaker either. He's a serviceable player who committed the biggest screwup in franchise history. He's our Earnest Byner, only Earnest Byner was a pro-bowler and actually an above-average player.
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