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Thunder (RIP)

Originally Posted by ThirtyDegrees View Post

This team got to the same place it did last year.

It went 13-3 beating up on ****ty teams. The Broncos won two games against teams with winning records all season.
When Denver hit their stride, they annhilated teams. We werent just getting by, we ****ing killed them. We lost a game we should have won in the playoffs, in arctic tempertures when pretty much EVERY SINGLE THING went wrong in the game, and they still needed a prayer.

Im so ****ing sick of this "we got to the same point as last year" argument. Football isnt played in vacuums and sample sizes are small. If this years broncos team played the Tebow lead won and you had to bet your life on it, you'd pick Peyton's broncos a hundred times out of a hundred.
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