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Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
This is just a made up scenerio but if involving Doom in a trade for Revis and then sign Paul Kruger I would be all for that.
Dumb like a blonde. Getting Revis to a long term contract would cost us way more than paying Doom his worth. That Dude is looking to get paid like the top DEF player in the history of the game. You want to pony up another 100 mill contract? or say something close to a 4 year 60 mill contract? Plus the 5-6 mill per year that Kruger will get?

Not worth it. Keep building around our great pass rush. If you have such a big hard on for Revis, we could always dangle our 1st pick and see what else they are asking for. But in no way trade Doom for Revis. We aren't guaranteed at landing the top FA's DE in the market unless we overpay for them. That would mean over paying for Revis and the DE that would come in and replace Doom.
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