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Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
Guys get burnt deep all the time in the NFL playing one on one coverage. Players playing Moore's position and in the situation never ever get beat deep. I seriously can't think of one time of it happening. I can see them getting beat on jump balls and tipped passes but never by the WR getting behind them and still catching the ball on an underthrown pass where Jones actually had to stop and wait for it.
It's amazing how many times the Ravens were successful in these playoffs either throwing the ball up seemingly for grabs, or going deep and having DB's misplay it. Happened at least a few times against Indy, and obviously happened to us. I couldn't bring myself to watch the game against NE so I don't know if it happened in that game. And then they did it again against the Niners. And they were doing it strategically, not as a fluke.
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