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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
You're a conspiracy theorist arent you?

This is not "fixing a game here and there" Youre claiming the NFL FIXED the ENTIRE PLAYOFFS for a storyline when the NFL does not need to do that. Why would the NFL ever ever ever risk its credibility? In the era of wikileaks and whatnot, its hard to keep that kind of **** under wraps.

Picture this headline: NFL FIXES 2013 PLAYOFFS AS ART MODELL TRIBUTE you REALLY think people wouldnt jump ship? And youd, as a fan, would think "oh that seems worth it to them, what a moment that was"

You also realize Ray Lewis was not the most popular player in the league, right? In a poll last year, the top was Polamalu (63 percent approval), followed by...Drew Brees and Charles Woodson (62 percent), Peyton Manning (59 percent), Aaron Rodgers and Rob Gronkowski (58 percent), and Robert Griffin III, Brian Urlacher and Donald Driver (57 percent).

Sorry, "kiddo." My eyes are wide open because I'm a rational human being. If NFL games are fixed, its a gambling thing...not because of storylines which can be created out of thin air, for a sport people will watch anyway.

This is the sword you want to fall on? Really?
Guess you missed the part where I said I didn't think the games were fixed. Either that, or you have trouble with reading comprehension.

Is that the issue? Inability to understand the words written right in front of your face?
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