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He makes the play there, we win. Period. You can argue all you want about Champ, Manning and Fox.....but despite those three guys clearly not having their best days, we still had that game won up until that Moore play.

That one play completely took the wind out of our sails and lost it for us. We simply couldn't get our mojo back after that. No other play had such an influence over the outcome of the game.
You're putting too much stock into that one play because it happened late in the game.

If Champ Bailey had made the play just once on any of the multiple times he was embarrassed, we win. Period.

If Manning had made the play on any of the three times he gave Baltimore the ball in scoring range, we win. Period.

To act as if the Moore play had more influence on the game than any of those others is retarded. It caused seven points to be put on the board, just like Peyton's pick six and Bailey being burned by Smith.
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