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Matt Prater

Originally Posted by ThirtyDegrees View Post
This is ****ing pathetic. This board immediately and viciously turned on both Jake Plummer and Tim Tebow in games with absolutely pathetic defensive collapses. The difference between those two and Peyton Manning is that they were actually capable of winning at least one playoff game at home for the Broncos before it happened to them.

Manning gets the benefit of the doubt because this fanbase is full of hero-worshipping morons.
You're being inconsistent here. In one post, you criticize Manning for getting special teams help on his way to leading us to a victory and on the other hand you give all the credit to Plummer for winning ONE playoff game in his entire time here, despite the fact that he played horribly that day (FAR worse than Manning) and it was our defense and special teams that won that game for us.
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