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Malik Jackson

Look, there is just no Objective way to look at this. I thought I was over it too, but I could not watch a damn thing leading up to the SB. The Kid blew it and its not like he was anywhere near replacement value as a FS either during the season. Not exactly what you want to see out of a second round, first Safety drafted type of player with 32 starts in 2 years.

I am trying to not hate on the kid for One play, so I went back and looked at his season and wanted to find the plays he made to help this defense. There simply were not many. Maybe 3 above average plays all year. I just wanted to see the good that all the people say they saw all year long. I did not get to break down every game during the season like I normally do, and I wanted to prove this kid was more than the limited things I remembered poorly about him.

He is an average NFL safety right now, who is not the solid Center Fielder with Instincts he was drafted to be. He is still too damn slow Mentally to take advantage of his physical tools at the NFL level after 2 years. I do the numbers with guys like him, and very few suddenly wake up mentally at that position and become elite players after 3 years. CB's do mentally make that leap much more often than safety's.

I want to beleive in this kid, but I can not find one redeeming quality in his play right now to hang a hat on.
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