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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
It's mostly about brand recognition. Advertising may not directly result in sales, but the goal is to put your brand/product in the consumers' mind. That way, when consumers go to make a purchase, your product is more likely to be one they consider (or at the very least recognize, making it more relevant).
this. Audi knows those commercials will not directly translate into someone getting off their couch and buying an Audi. But what they do know is that anyone thinking about buying a higher end sports/luxury vehicle will now have the name Audi in their heads. "Hey, I want a really nice car like a BMW, Mercedes or what's that other German car? Oh yah, an Audi, I might check them out too." That type of thing.

Anyone growing up in the West (I grew up in CO) knows about Audi due to their quattro cars. We also know about Subarus which are now becoming more widely known. It just amazes me that people all around the USA don't know these vehicles but when you don't really need all wheel drive vehicles then these manufacturers simply aren't part of the equation.

I'm also wildly amazed by how many people buy full size trucks and SUVs that DON'T HAVE 4WD. Lots of people down south don't buy 4WD trucks and SUVs and I'm like, why? Well, they don't need the 4WD capabilities, so they don't buy those big vehicles with 4WD.

Does not compute with me. It's like buying a 2WD Jeep. What's the point?
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