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Matt Prater

Originally Posted by hades View Post
I didn't actually watch any commercials, and hardly any of the game. Had it on in another room and could hear it, but did not watch much of the game at all.

That being said, do "good" commercials actually influence you to buy a certain product? I've heard a lot of good things about the Dodge commercials "Imported from Detroit", the Farmer one Sunday, etc. But I'd never buy a Dodge automobile.
I've actually looked long and hard at this and gotten into several arguments with people about it. I can definitely say that in my case, maybe 5% of my total purchases are based off of tv advertisements. And almost all of that are very small ticket items that I never would've heard of without seeing the ads. The only exception MIGHT be certain electronics; but even then, I'm not buying based off of a commercial. I'm researching those kinds of purchases online for weeks before I actually buy.

The guys that spend the most money on ads during big events like the SB (beer, soda, doritos, cars/trucks, etc) don't get any more or less money from me than if they saved their money and ran zero ads.
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