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Ryan Clady

Originally Posted by MagicHef View Post
Bannan made $1 million last season. If we're going to spend more to replace him with Knighton (who looks to be about even with Vickerson, talent wise), I'd much rather forget Knighton and spend a few extra million for Melton, even if that meant he was the only change we made to the DL.

I think you might be disappointed with the attention that gets shown to DT this offseason. I don't think it will be a priority.
What about the kid from Detroit? Sammie Lee Hill is also a FA. He could start for most NFL teams. Much better than Knighton or Melton IMO.

I just want the team to be able to generate pressure both inside and out. We are set on the outside with Dumervil & Miller. Wolfe has shown he can get pressure inside, but still gets pushed around a liitle in the run game. We need a DT that can do both.

Who is the best DT in this years draft? One that is both stout against the run and has shown he can also generate sacks from the interior.
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