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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
There are some good trends happening out there for sure. You don't have to own a ton of land to provide good healthy food for your family. There are even great indoor options for people who own no land at all!

IMO there is no excuse to not even attempt to grow some healthy food for you or your family anymore. I'm working on a plan to make it idiot proof.

I believe there will be a huge chunk of corporate profits taken back by smaller farms in the coming years. People are slowly waking up and starting to realize that maybe they need to think twice about what they are feeding their precious babies.
Just saw this or I would quoted it with my other post, DOH!

Anyways, I'm no farmer, but I do grow a few things I like to eat, like alfalfa sprouts, and a few other types of sprouts indoors. It is really easy too!. I also grow my own wheatgrass.

This spring I plan on setting up a small section of my yard to grow some veggies, squash, tomatoes and maybe some bell peppers. Nothing much, but stuff we use often enough to try and enjoy growing it ourselves.
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