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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
I dont really know what you want from them, its human error. That will never change. My guess is the NFL is fine with the refs performance because it wont affect ratings or the bottom line, but something id really consider is making PI reviewable.
THIS! I'd like to see any turnover/TD reviewed, with the review official obligated and empowered to call a PI penalty on either team, if the replay shows that the PI was clear and effectively caused the TD to happen. I would not review holding penalties, because, as we all know, holding happens on every play Also, the Review offical should be off the field and have authority over the field crew. The on the field head ref will enforce what the replay official calls.

Replay tech is good enough that bad calls or non calls should be corrected before the games result is affected. The officials don't want their purview overturned by tech but frankly the game is too fast for them to get it right all the time, and they use that excuse too often to excuse poor officiating.
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