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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
This is insane. First off, pending on which report you read, your last point isn't exactly true.

((((From AP: Updated at 2:11 p.m.: Nielsen estimated Monday afternoon that 108.4 million total viewers watched this year's game, which makes it the third-most watched program ever, behind the 2010 and 2011 Super Bowls.]

The Green Bay Packers' win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2011 drew a 47.9 rating; the New York Giants' victory over the New England Patriots in 2012 got a 48.1 rating.)))

Secondly, the numbers are more or less on par with past years.

Thirdly, you are INSANE if the NFL would risk credibility to push an ART MODELL storyline. Are you ****ing out of your mind? You think anyone gives a **** about Art Modell? Joe Flacco? They don't even care about Ray Lewis. If the league wanted its most popular players in the Super Bowl, somehow the Broncos and Redskins would have gotten in.

Again, the NFL is KING in america. It does not need to FIX ITS GAMES for a storyline.

Youre crazy.
You're right. It's not totally absurd that a **** matchup between Baltimore and San Fran is the third-most watched Super Bowl, behind matchups with premiere teams like New England, New York, Green Bay and Pittsburgh. TOTALLY makes sense that this **** matchup would be right behind those two games, since nobody cares at all about matchups.

I don't think the league gives a flying **** about "giving the people" a Modell storyline. I think the league wanted a Modell storyline. Period.

The league can have its two most popular players next year. There is no option for the Ray Lewis Redemption Tour next season, is there?

Sorry kiddo. There are plenty of reasons that a lot of people can see why the league MIGHT fix some games here and there, or increase some odds here and there with officiating, to get the Ravens into the big chair. I'm not saying it was fixed, I'm saying I can see the reasons why.

You can't, and that's your deal. By all means, keep those eyes firmly closed.

The NFL is so popular, A) nobody is going to care if they did push a storyline, and B) even if they did, even if it was proven that some games were fixed, the NFL's popularity wouldn't be touched.
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