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I hope that 6 goes to FSU after Bama got Foster. Sorry to hear that Collins went to Arkansas, SoCal.

Update on NDSU recruiting:

Overall: The Bison have 18 verbals so far, but are expecting a few more recruits to decide -- which includes several Miami area players who had their visits this past weekend. I've counted that ~ 6 the 18 we have signed so far got official offers from FBS schools. That might not seem like much, but the fact that an FCS is getting players who are getting offers from Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Central Michigan, Ohio, Army, Air Force is quite impressive.

Regarding our new Florida stud Tre: Dempsey's official measurements are 5'11 -- 170, putting him 20 pounds heavier than originally listed on his high school site which was way off. He obviously will still be redshirted, but that is very encouraging and should be able to come in and contribute in 2014. We will need him, considering our top two corners this year will be graduating, with one going to the NFL -- Marcus Williams. Keep an eye out for him.

Big Men: The trenches on both sides of the ball, moreover the defensive front seven was the concentration for this class. I would still like to see us get some skill position players, although we were able to get three awesome WR's last year who were redshirted. I think we could also use a safety. We did an excellent job getting several ILB/WLB for the Tampa 2 that we run here so that is very encouraging. I think perhaps one of them will get a shot this year, but some of them are still small and need a year of conditioning and strength training.

We have recruited a RB from Minnesota, but it is more likely that he will get a shot at linebacker. The Bison are returning Sam Ojuri as a senior who was a thousand yard rusher and junior RB John Crockett, who was arguably the best player in the state of Minnesota (Over 3,500 all purpose yards and 66 touchdowns) and had over 1,000 yards last year too. With highly touted Arizona recruit Matt Jones who will be a redshirt SO and I believe two other guys as well.

We missed out on a good prospect, Martin Ruiz out of Tampa. He's a RB who also plays safety, but it sounds like he wanted to make an impact right away and knew that being behind two 1,000 yard rushers, he would likely redshirt and split carries until Crocket graduates in 2014. I don't really understand it because he could have been THE GUY for a majority of his time here.

Either way, quite impressive. This is the deepest roster I've seen for the Bison since I became a student in 2005, and the quality of the players we are getting even seem to be better than how good Joe Mays was for them back during his heyday. This program is going places and it is only a matter of time before we get the FBS call. If we win three FCS National Championships in a row, it will likely be considered in the next five years. I would say that 2020 is a more realistic outlook. We have already beat Central Michigan, Minnesota, Colorado State, Kansas and I believe a few others. These aren't stand out programs, but the fact that we are outplaying higher level talent is a testament to our coaching and staff here at NDSU. Our first game of 2013 is on the road @ Kansas State. I think we can win.

Now I can only hope the Noles land 6 and bring in some other top guys. So far, so good for my teams.

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