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Originally Posted by eddie mac View Post
We wont pay that kind of cash to him in 2013.

He wont get much more than $10m-$15m up front, considering they'll already be paying over $40m cash to Peyton, Bailey and Dumervil alone.

$13.7m is the largest signing bonus Denver has paid in recent years which went to the No2 pick in the draft as per the slotted draft pick money that season. Bailey is the only other player who's received a signing bonus of $5m or more in the last few years.

We basically just pay big base salaries now with small signing bonuses.
Sorry I did not see this when I posted the above post.

As usual a heads up post.

Do you really think considering his latest surgery John will sign him long term or tag him to delay expending the money and make sure he is "RIGHT".
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