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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
That the way it is Clady will be looking at $30 million signing bonus that will be spread out through the life of the contract making his cap figure lower.
So prorating that 30 mil over the 4 year contract is 7.5 million a year.
Or if it is a 5 year contact 6 million a year.

What are you saving?


Now tagging him until he proves his shoulder and knee (from years ago) are fixed and no apparent side effects. That costs 9.6 this coming year.

BTW he turned down 10 million a year last summer what makes ANYONE beleive he will take less after this past years performance.

Last but not least. When you give him a 30 million dollar signing bonuse that is a check that is written the day the contract is signed.

Since it has been rumored Pat is broke that is why we are not doing that anymore. Whether that is true or not the facts speak for themselves.
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